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Iment (PM) must understand the business better than the customers to be able to anticipate and balance their needs with available resources among a wide array of stakeholders.  

Markets &


Industry &


Policy & Regulations

Customers & Partners

Field & Vendors

Business &

Go to Market





Product Management

Demand Management





Release Management





As coach or contributor, I can help formalize software management, I take a minimally viable approach

  • As a coach, I can work with your team to establish or refine processes and standards

  • As a participant, I can take responsibility for the production and vetting of all agreed to deliverables

  • As a participant, I could fill specifics roles and/or help to staff a permanent position or team



Presented here are examples of deliverables, though each organization has its own culture and starting point.

Product Architecture, based on a Product Strategy, establishes the scope of capabilities for a product set and presents their dependencies.  A Product Strategy is based on and aligned to the business and go-to-market strategies.

A Market study outlines the nature and size of a market, detailing the opportunity.  Sales Enablement: customer presentations, product documentation/demonstrations, use case definitions: benefits, differentiators, buyer personas ...

Strategy & Architecture

Markets & Enablement

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A PM Charter , based on a maturity Assessment, lays out the Mission, Vision and the PM Organization specifying roles, responsibilities governance and required product deliverables.

Budgets and Forecasts lay the groundwork for successful software product management, commercial or not.

Assessment & Charter

Budgets & Forecasts

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The Framework establishes the interactions between and among stakeholders and software management processes.

The Processes help to assure that we are listening to all the right participants and that information critical to prioritization is in the right hands.


Process & Deliverables

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The development processes covering the SDLC, whether traditional or agile, Development and Operations must be coordinated with the product management processes. 

Testing is integrated into the SDLC and Dev/Ops processes and is based on development environments and approaches chosen (Agile ...).

SDLC / Dev / Ops


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Release Management guides the progression of software through the cycle.  Even in an Agile approach, these processes are critical even if executed differently.

Implementation and  Operations require an organization of stakeholders and a set of processes to assure that the software is delivered and issues are addressed.

Release Management


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