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Michael Meyerkopf

Completely - In Love - With You - Forever

As much as time defines a day

As much as words defines a say

As much as land defines a bay

I love you in most every way



So young were we this girl and man

So young were we and best did plan

So young were we though time has span

And still I am where we began

In Love


Life could change what we can see

Life could change what we can be

Life could change and stop the we

But joy’s defined at least for me

With you


We’ve made it now through all the fears

We’ve made it now through all the tears

We’ve made it now and it is clear

That on we’ll go and count each year


© Copyright 2000 - 2017 Michael Meyerkopf

Now and Again

Now and again we take the time

To look back far and wonder

Can we now restart the rhyme?

Is this a dream we’re under?


The stars have been there since we two

And will for years arranging

On and on like me and you

Different, yet still unchanging


Our life together grows and grows

With both sweet and sorrow

You can’t guess and I don’t know

What will come tomorrow


All I know is that with you

My chance for sweet is grand

If sorrow comes I’m one of few

Who’s not alone to stand


But when sweet comes as often does

It’s joy so fills my heart

With you my love as always was

Beside me from the start

© Copyright 2000 - 2017 Michael Meyerkopf

They Two They Too

As two we were a perfect pair

And as that goes I’m not aware

Of a way we both could share

At least until they too were there


They two I say with settled mind

Are not the same yet of a kind

When both will look they both will find

That towards the front is what’s behind


As time itself tells of the past

Why joy itself can only last

As long as you respect the vast

Experience that helps to cast


Tomorrow in a different light

Though some may squirm and others fight

But find again what’s often right

That each to own self’s true delight


So from the perfect pair I say

To the two along the way

Respect the past most every day

But do your own thing as you may

© Copyright 2000 - 2017 Michael Meyerkopf

The River

It takes some time the river does

To get from end to end

Back and forth and side to side

On and on from bend to bend


Between each bend is life itself

Each span is held within

We may not know just where we’ll go

We can know where we’ve been


By looking back we all can see

How beautiful it was

And learning more of who we are

Is easy now because


We can take note of what has been

And where we all came from

And though we move on down the way

It is from here we’ve come


And so the river flows on towards

Its end as it will be

On and on around each bend

Until it finds the sea

© Copyright 2000 - 2017 Michael Meyerkopf


Once upon a time they say

As often’s gone to press

That things were better in the day

What’s now is now, but less


But I’m not sure if all that’s true

As I have seen it be

I would not trade this time with you

For all that I could see


It is with you that I am me

As if somehow reborn

It’s here and now I want to be

What’s past is past and gone

© Copyright 2000 - 2017 Michael Meyerkopf


Dreams are made from hopes or fears

From things that we can see

They show us what’s already come

Not often what’s to be


It takes the dreamer, friend or foe

To make the dream come true

So Mom it makes us really proud

To give this dream to you


You always dreamed to visit here

To view the sands and sea

You asked us that last time with you

Now forever here you’ll be

© Copyright 2000 - 2017 Michael Meyerkopf

Once More … with feeling

So many years yet seem so few

Could you say now that then you knew?

That we’d be here in love this way

That I’d be here with you today


So many years since river’s edge

I said it then and I still pledge

To love you more and more each day

And show you in a hundred ways


This one small token means so much

Because you don’t put stock in such

It’s that you know for me it’s true

The joy I get to give to you

© Copyright 2000 - 2017 Michael Meyerkopf

Through The Years

Love is not what people say

It’s not a subject of a play

It’s not a wonder to behold

It’s not a story often told


It’s not a feeling deep inside

It’s not a smile you cannot hide

It’s not a faithful loyal task

It’s not a question that’s not asked


It is not measured by money spent

Or by what is or isn’t lent

It is by time alone you see

It is by you with always me

© Copyright 2000 - 2017 Michael Meyerkopf

Once So True

If you listen to my heart

As it's done right from the start

It speaks of love for only you

A love that is and will be true


What once was true is still yet so

And now is more true even though

The years have passed and we have grown

My heart is still for you alone


And so I take this time with you

To let you know what still is true


I love you more and more each day

And though it seems quite trite to say

I’ll always love you, I think you know

It still feels right to say it though

© Copyright 2000 - 2017 Michael Meyerkopf


Choices made so often fade

And reasons soon forgotten

But I in life have what is right

And often wrapped in cotton


Emotions also fade with time

If allowed to can be still

But I cannot exist without

What others often will


Why they will I am not sure

It easy is to see

To keep it fresh requires less

Or more if it should be


All I know is that I am

As how I need to be

And you are you or something else

But always you and me

© Copyright 2000 - 2017 Michael Meyerkopf

From River’s Edge

With this ring to thee I wed

I say again what once was said

To love you more and more until

The very day my breath is still


A promise is just words they say

It takes much more to show

So I’ll be here day after day

And then you’ll truly know


You are my sun, my stars, my light

You are my earth, my soul, my life

I love you now as times before

From river’s edge, forever more


Forever more, forever more

Are only words that’s true

From river’s edge and shore to shore

I make theses vows to you


I’ll be here for you every day

I’ll try hard to respect

From river’s edge to parts unknown

To cherish and protect


From river’s edge to parts unknown

From river’s edge and shore to shore

From river’s edge, forever more

From river’s edge, forever more

© Copyright 2000 - 2017 Michael Meyerkopf

31 Years

Today is special not because

It’s been so many years

It’s not because some time has past

Just why because is clear

© Copyright 2000 - 2017 Michael Meyerkopf

I Love You So

The trees outside tell of the season

But still I am not sure

The way I feel belies good reason

If you step outside the door


The ground is white the trees are bare

But me inside am not aware

Of cold foretold by what I see

Though it should be plain to even me


Yet all I feel is warmth abound

No matter what is on the ground

My heart is filled with love for you

That’s all I know is truly true


For what I see could be illusion

How am I to tell?

Each will draw their own conclusion

Though many times not well


So trust your heart as I will mine

And tell me what you feel

“I love you so” is not a line

It’s the only thing that’s real

© Copyright 2000 - 2017 Michael Meyerkopf

10 Years from Now

Did I just hear 60?

Now how can that be?

You’re only a few years

Older than me


Was it 10 Years ago

I wrote you that song

10 years ago, Really

It can’t be that long


But I’m sure I heard 60

So I guess that it’s true

Just how many years younger

Am I than you?


Our kids are all grown

And now off on their own

But look at our hair

It’s mostly still there


Enough of what’s past

Let’s all look ahead

So 10 years from now

What will be said?


Will it be about fishing

Or golfing or such

With David most likely

I’d say --  Not so much


More likely about vineyards

Or maybe the beach

As long as the dollars

Keep both within reach


Or maybe about grand kids

One just never knows

It’s Lindsey and Evan

That’ll say how that goes


And Livia will just be

Hitting her prime

I’d start now at the gym

To be ready on time


I’m sure you’ll look back

If the fates will allow

And say what a great life

I’ve had up till now


It’ll only get better

And better you see

At least if you’re smart

And just listen to me


What makes life worth living

Is all in plain sight

Your friends that have gathered

And come here tonight


To wish you the best

And tell you they care

And say that in 10 years

They hope to be there


The things you should cherish

Of things big or small

Is not money or fame

But this most of all


So David we love you

And this I avow

To be back to celebrate

10 Years from now

© Copyright 2000 - 2017 Michael Meyerkopf

31 Years (reprised)

Today is special not because

It’s been so many years

It’s not because some time has past

Just why because is clear


In all my life I never felt

As when you are with me

You said it just the other day

You make me feel care free


You make me feel so safe, it’s strange

As I know of things to fear

It’s just that knowing having you

Is why I know it clear


I try so hard to let you know

Although these words are weak

I write them down for you to see

And less of me to speak


So thank you for the love you give

And thank you for these rhymes

But I must say that most of all

I’m thankful for your time

© Copyright 2000 - 2017 Michael Meyerkopf

Sunny Day

There is no more to say to you

Than I’ve already said

And yet opposed it’s not enough

As what I feel instead


And then I pause and think again

That’s not entirely true

I know you know just how I feel

It’s what I love with you


Perfect I’m not as you have said

It’s me you think of though

So thank you for just being you

To let me love you so


The sunny day with all around

So glad was I to see

You sitting there so soft and sound

And looking back at me

© Copyright 2000 - 2017 Michael Meyerkopf

Happily Ever After

Once upon a time is said

To tell how it begins

It was so very long ago

They started out as friends


Their lives’ path flowed together through

Stables, roommates … kennels too


Though not so common, as some tales do

What started as a friendship grew


It’s hard to know just what will be

In the story’s final chapter

But in the end I’m sure they’ll say …

And they lived happily ever after

© Copyright 2000 - 2017 Michael Meyerkopf

Where Are We Now

What have we made

In Miami Dade

Where were you then

When time was in


What have we lost

At what a cost

When a neighbor’s friend

Could be your end


Can you still say

Hello today

I can’t help feel

That it’s not real


Where are we now

Do we know how

To find the truth

And sell the proof


I am not sure

I know the cure

But all must fight

For what is right


And for each lie

Ask who or why

Or when or where

Or how, be there


How will we know

If we should go

Or should we stay

Another day


Is it too late

To stop the hate

Please tell them no

Don’t let them go

© Copyright 2000 - 2017 Michael Meyerkopf

By Morning Light

As I have seen by morning light

What’s often hidden by the night

We dream as well by what we’ve done

And more and more by what’s to come


I see in you much more than sight

For all is you and you are life

And if I even can describe

I am not sure but sure I’ll try


The feelings that I get when you

Lie with me and we are two

Can’t be said with words today

But there’s tomorrow, another day


Not sure another day will help

To say and say just what I felt

To lie with you our heads to sleep

But all I know is what I’d keep


I’d keep with you till all is done

I tell you now you are my one

Not sure that says what’s all to say

It might just wait another day


Tomorrow I will be with you

I know that that is nothing new

I know what is to be will be

And by the morning light I’ll see

© Copyright 2000 - 2017 Michael Meyerkopf


Latest Poems

Lady from Jersey

There once was a lady from Jersey

Whose whole world went all topsy turvy

She met a young man

Who hadn’t a plan

But is now trying to be all out doorsey

© Copyright 2000 - 2017 Michael Meyerkopf

Lady from Boston

There once was a lady from Boston

Whose world I was randomly tossed in

She still seems to care

And is always aware

Of whatever problem I’m lost in

© Copyright 2000 - 2017 Michael Meyerkopf

As I see Now

Looking back, is what I said

Is still a way, to look ahead

I see a way ahead, and how

To see and be, as I see now


For what I see, is future past

How it will be, and be at last

And as I look, ahead I see

How I can be, the only me


For I have not been, someone else

Unless we don’t count, me myself

For I myself, I have not been

Unless we count, now and again


I feel myself, again you see

To be the one, and only me

That other guy, is not at home

I feel myself, at last alone


But not alone, at all with you

To thank you now, is nothing new

Because of you, I am today

And hope that I can, stay that way


As I see now, of what you said

It all resides up, in my head

I can control, how it will be

I have the strength, as now I see

© Copyright 2000 - 2017 Michael Meyerkopf


I love you for much more than this

Though this you will agree

Is not so bad though I admit

Not everyone can see


Can see what I see every day

It's so much more than this

Though this again I have to say

Is high upon the list


But not because as you may think

For reasons cast in sin

But because it frames you so

And shows you from within


From deep inside and all throughout

From all that you would do

And I just want to scream and shout

When ever I'm with you


But not because you look like you

But as I've said of this

It just shows truly who you are

Top upon my list

© Copyright 2000 - 2017 Michael Meyerkopf

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