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Custom Carpentry

Custom Bookcase

Make your books comfortable:  The bookcase shown here was designed to hold a specific photo album at a 30% angle, at the customers request. 

I can help you design something to fit a specific spot or hold a specific set of items.  I can help with anything around the house.

Will be estimated after an initial design session

Wine Table
Furniture - Wine 1.jpg
Furniture - Wine 3.jpg

Wine Table

What to do with all those corks:  We had collected more than 600 corks, not sure why but I was determined to use them. I found a World Cooperage wine barrel made from French Oak.

The corks are arranged in specific sections.  There are some with people's names, like Josh and Coppola and Don David, or some with interesting names, like Fat Cat, Decoy or Witching Stick. (If you can blow up the picture below, read through them, some are really cool)

The corks in the center are wineries we have visited, the one in the center is from a Champaign bottle.

I can build something similar for you.  It makes a lovely 4 person dinner table or great card table.  There can even be lights around the inside rim or a shelf to hold what ever.

Will be estimated after an initial design session

Furniture - Wine 2.jpg

Entertainment Center

My most recent project:  I have just about every tool you might name, except for wood crafting hand tools like planes or gouges.  Most have been bought over time to complete one of the types of project you see pictured on this website.

I used almost every one at some point in this project.  The key to success on this project was committing to build it the right way, without skipping any steps.

I am very happy with it.

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